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On Sunday, September 7th, 2014, The First Hyper-Marathon named «ECHETLAIOS» is organized on the initiative of Reservists from all over Greece and supported by Free Greek Citizens, who are not part of any political party, lodge or dogma of any kind.

The Starting Point will be at the Tomb of Marathon at 7:30 a.m. and will Terminate at Eleusina at 19.30 where the Commemorative Prize and Volunteers’ Diplomas will be awarded. Right after greetings will follow and eventually the evening will be finalized with a magical performance of Greek music and artful historical chorography of Greek artists.

The Hyper- Marathon of Reservists, with total distance of 65 Km, has non competitive but purely symbolic character. It will be held in the form of slow and steady contingent. The participants will be running together, in arrangements of couples or four people, depending on the number. For their own safety on the road, the Police motorcycle will be driving ahead of the runners and the team will be also accompanied by special forces escort.

Those tired, can ride on the accompanying vehicles to rest and later if they wish may continue. Along the way, runners can be added to the passing Contingent or
may leave from it voluntarily.

It is time to join all our forces, so that this first Hyper-Marathon, to be Unique and to pass loudly the message of the Greek people globally, who run united for the Liberation of Greece from the usurers lenders, the unconstitutional, illegal embarrassing traitorous agreements and the economic crisis that was skilfully orchestrated and turned to gigantic gaps through the

INEFFECTIVE, FAILED & MALICIOUS measures for “Public Financial Economic Consolidation” as imposed by the TROIKA and their associating parties and been accepted by our Government.

For information and registrations (Last Day for Reg.: Wednesday the 03.09.2014)
Contact Tel. no +30: 6972 478 990, 6944 646 850, 6938 372 070, 6934 905 164, 6940 506 948

Each participant is self-insured.
The whole work is prepared by Greek/ Cypriots Volunteers.
No Cost will be charged

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